• Community Government - MP

      Huw Merriman

      M.P. - Member of Parliament for Bexhill and Battle

      Our constituency is one of the most beautiful in the country - I’m determined to make it an ever better place to live.

      As your MP, I’ll work hard to regenerate Bexhill and create new jobs by encouraging more businesses to relocate. I will fight for better road and rail links. I will defend, enhance and preserve the fabric of our rural communities.

      I have lived in this area for the last 8 years, with my wife and our three children. I am passionate about education and - having attended a failing school and a leading University, before qualifying as a lawyer - I am fully aware how tough opportunities can be. I will work with schools to deliver the best education for our children. I will champion the health service and other essential local services which we rely on. To those local people starting their working lives, I will work hard to deliver affordable housing for you to have a home of your own.

      In this Parliament, I will give my all to serve and improve the lives of the residents in Bexhill and Battle.

      Contact Details:
      Huw Merriman
      Bexhill and Battle Conservative Association
      6a Amherst Road
      East Sussex
      TN40 1QJ

      Telephone: 01424 736861

      Email: huw.merriman.mp@parliament.uk

      Website: www.huwmerriman.org.uk